Fertile Mind – Superbra Nursing



The first time I was breastfeeding I had some cheap ugly maternity bra’s as I couldn’t really afford to spend too much. In hindsight I probably should have forked out a little more to actually be comfortable. I just didn’t realise how much I’d be wearing them. The material was scratchy and the little rings on the straps really dug into my skin. The other thing that drove me crazy was the smell. The inevitable milky smell just wouldn’t go away no matter how often I washed them.

This time, I have the nursing superbra and it is easily the most comfortable maternity bra I’ve ever worn. I did freak out a little when I opened the packet thinking how on earth will it fit me, but the material is designed to stretch while maintaining the right level of support, provide maximum comfort (especially for us bustier ladies) and provide the obvious function of easy breastfeeding. It just felt like such a natural fit and there was no digging into me or uncomfortable material irritating my skin.

Not only that, some of the bra’s I looked at were going to cost me nearly double what this bra is! So I’m glad this is the option I now get to wear.

Reviewed by: Heather, NSW


RRP $39.95


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