Fertile Mind – Super Sleep bra



I didn’t have a sleep bra as such, for my first pregnancy. But I’m glad I have one this time around. Although ironically, at 34 weeks pregnant I’m not actually getting any sleep, I’m certainly a lot more comfortable. I was using some singlets with the support bra in them but this sleep bra is just so much better. I’m looking forward to being able to do all my night feeds in this as it’s so flexible, and there is also enough room to put breast pads in for any milk leakages.

The material is really soft and kind of feels like you’re just wearing a little crop top, so in this chilly winter and wearing it under another top doesn’t make it too bulky to sleep in. I think I’ll be packing this one in my hospital bag too, just so I can relax once I’ve had the baby.


It’s probably a bit of a luxury to have a specific bra simply to sleep in, but I think you deserve it when pregnant, especially as your body changes and everything gets bigger!! Highly recommend this one, and you’d probably use it well after a baby as well or keep buying new ones as they’d be great in summer when you don’t want to wear much in the heat!



RRP $39.95


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