Breville – The Tea Maker



I’m actually a coffee drinker from way back and really only started drinking tea when I was pregnant. Even after living in England, the tea capital of the world, I still never really picked it up. But even if you aren’t a tea drinker you’ll love watching this little beauty in action.

You can choose the strength of your tea for one. So whether strong or weak, you’re covered with the simple push of a button. You can also choose the type of tea. So if you drink black tea, green tea or any other kind you simply select the option and then the tea maker boils the water to the right temperature and lowers the tea in to the water to brew it for the appropriate amount of time before removing the tea leaves again.

The cool thing is that you can watch is all happen as the jug is clear! Bit of a novelty that I’m sure will wear off, but even still it’s fun to watch and the tea comes out perfect!

The other benefit of this jug is that if you’re a house full of tea drinkers it makes life easy. You can make up to 5 cups at once and there is also a ‘keep warm’ function so you can go back for a second cup if one isn’t enough!

You can also use it as a regular kettle so the coffee drinkers can rest easy, they can have their cake and eat it too!

RRP $299.95


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