Breville – Nespresso Inissia


Nespresso_BEC200_White_ (1mb)

I’ve always loved my coffee. I’ve been through snobby phases where I’ve refused anything except the best, and I’ve been through phases of not having enough money for anything except generic instant coffee.

I’ve had big clunky coffee machines that take up the entire bench space and they really just aren’t practical anymore. And I’ve had wannabe coffee machines that barely taste like they promise. This Inissia is perfect for me really. It’s so little and just sits in its little corner, not making a fuss. It heats up incredibly quickly so that I have my coffee shot in about 30 seconds.

This machine also comes with a milk frother so in about 90 seconds I have a beautiful hot coffee that actually had me thinking the other day, that I won’t have to frequent cafes as much and pay their high prices! All I need to do is buy my pods from the supermarket and I’m done.

I did make a mess the first time I made two coffees at once with the frother, as I filled it too high and it overflowed everywhere. And I also got the first pod stuck in the machine as I didn’t angle it right, so it would pay to actually read the instructions!

In comes in a range of colours, though I’ve just got the white to fit in with my kitchen. Other than that it really is a good little machine. You could pay a lot more for a machine a lot less capable that’s for sure!

RRP $249.00


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