Antipodes – Saviour Skin Balm


Saviour skin balm

I’ve never really had super dry skin to contend with but I have had the odd dry patches now and then that get all flaky and itchy and need some attention. I’ve used various body moisturisers and lip balms that seem to do the job half way but nothing that’s really solved the problem at the time.

Recently I had a cold sore, one of about half a dozen I remember ever getting. I’d actually grabbed the Saviour skin balm to put on my lips as it’s been so cold and windy lately. When the cold sore reared it’s ugly head, I thought I’d give it a shot. The balm was so soothing and actually stayed on my skin as a protective layer for a number of hours before I had to re-apply.

I’ve also been using it on my elbows to just keep them covered and it’s not too oily that it gets on your clothes. Plus it is fairly neutral in its smell so it doesn’t conflict with any perfume or other lotions I use. I think it’d probably be a good solution for nappy rash as well, so I’ll be testing it on my toddler when the need arises!

The only down side I’d say is the tin that it comes in. Not that it’s overly big and bulky, but it’s not lipstick sized like most balms are, for lips anyway, so I probably wouldn’t take it in my handbag which is heavy enough already. I guess because it’s designed as an overall body balm, not just for lips. But it’s a small price to pay for such good skin protection.

RRP $41.00


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